A new certification program for our partners

We have decided that it is time to implement a certification program for our partners/distributors. We will have three levels of certificates the first one is the “certified smarti® expert” certificate which will be awarded to persons which complete our smarti® training process. This certificate is awarded to a person not a company and because smarti® is constantly updated it will have to be renewed each year. All our distributors will from now on be required to have at least one certified smarti® expert among their employees. This way we will be able to make sure that our distributors know everything about the smarti® there is to know, thus the end users will benefit from their knowledge and be able to take full advantage of all the smarti® features. The next two certificate levels will be awarded to our business partners who will accumulate a lot of experience with installations of the smarti® system and who will help us with the development of the smarti® system.

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