Smarti version 7.6.0 available now!

The new smarti version is now available for download from our partners pages. The new features included are:
For time & attendance the system is now able to automatically punish people which arrive to work late or leave their work place early, with a deduction of a predefined number of working hours or with a deduction of the missed time multiplied by a predefined multiplier.

For access control we have developed a schedule with which you can define at which times of the day biometric recognition is demanded for gaining access and at which times of the day recognition with only PIN codes or external readers is enough to gain access.

You can limit access to settings and administration of groups and divisions of persons to administrative users; this is done in user rights.
Video messages can now also be sent to a whole group or division at the same time.
Function execution by face detection; functions can be executed when smarti detects a face.
And other useful features.

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