Smarti continues to gather awards

On June 16th in Kranj smarti received another Award. This time it was the bronze award for innovation from the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce. The awarded model was the smarti Felix.
Felix was developed with the home / condominium owner in mind who was interested in using automated functions to make their lives easier and more efficient. A video door phone, an IP phone, a remote control, an 8-inch wide touch screen display for user interaction; it has an attractive design, that adds to rather than detracts from the look of the home. With its modern design, Felix can fit well into any living room or any high-tech conference room and contribute to the image of a company.
The software package (the backbone of our system) still contains all functionality access control, time and attendance as well as home and building automation.
The Felix is in-wall or on-wall mountable. The unit is fan-less for quiet operation. Front panel is from hi gloss Black ABS plastic
In addition to the 8″ colour touch screen the unit is equipped with a built in camera, integrated microphone, speakers, 80 GB of storage, internal memory, WIFI and a programmable remote control. The integrated communication ports and external TCP/IP relay controllers can be used to control lights, electronic locks, alarms, sensors and other electrical devices.

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