Download the new smarti update

Download the new smarti update

We have been preparing this one for a long time. It was just so much that we wanted to add. The update is now available for download.

The main addition in this update is a completely new and redesigned set of menus for home/building automation and the client application to set them up. It is basically a new module designed for easier access to automation tasks. It supports a user defined navigation menu. The building floor plans can be used as background images and buttons can be dynamically positioned. It includes various gadgets and a more powerful automated task module.

Pre-calculated attendance reports. We have created new, monthly and summary attendance reports that can use pre-calculated data, which can be scheduled to be calculated daily using the smartiScheduler. The new reports are display much faster, compared to the old reports, but do not display changes that were made on the current day.

Attendance reports count the over-midnight presence for the day that the person clocked-in. We have also extended these reports with additional data needed by the time administrators. This makes presence tracking for the administrator easier.

Video messages can now be saved to and accessed from the database. Easier setup if units cannot share files.

You can now define how many additional biometric samples will be recorded each time during self enrollment (if the number of samples already recorded is greater than the minimum required).

There are of course many other minor improvements but we will not go into details about them in this article.

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