New smarti Electra update for standalone operation!

The Electra units just received a new firmware update. These high quality access control units provide robust, reliable performance through proximity card and PIN identification technology for a wide range of applications within access control, time & attendance and building automation. With the newest firmware update they can now also work in standalone mode, which means that they can have the event database stored on their internal storage. The thing that remained unchanged is the price. So you get more for less costs.

• The Electra is meant for indoor use, it is in−wall or on−wall mountable. The unit is fan−less for quiet operation.
• The unit is equipped with a 5,7’’ color touch screen, integrated RFID reader, microphone, speakers, built−in storage and internal memory.
• Integrated communication ports and relay I/O controller can be used to control lights, electronic locks, alarms, sensors and other electrical devices.
• The built−in camera records a date and time stamped photo for each event.
• With the new firmware the unit can now be standalone or networked.


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