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Smarti Curtain motor, smarti Dimmer box and smarti Audio multi room system are three different components of smarti Home automation system that control different area of your home.


smarti Dimmer box is responsible for dimming lights.smarti Audio multi room system controls and sets audio track, CD, mp3, radio station in up to eight rooms. This means that you can set a different music with different volumes for each of eight rooms. smarti Curtain motor is responsible for automated function of curtains to open or close.


All three functions are different but combined together are great mood or room atmosphere changers.




They are all part of smarti Home Automation systemwhich means that you can control each function separately through smarti Pad touch screen interface to change room lights, open/close curtains or set audio track that you prefer.


But our smarti systems allows you to use short-cut option to control these three functions at same time with just one click to create different scenes. With short-cut scenes button you can easily access and quickly change room’s atmosphere to desirable. This is great for special occasions like romantic dinner or party with friends when you need to quickly change lights, set up music and close/open curtains.

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