What is smarti Home?

Welcome To Your New Smart Home

smarti® Home Automation system is a complete solution for managing and controlling your home. It allows you to connect and control many functions and systems in your home from one, easy to use interface.

smarti® Home Automation system offers you a line of products for automating your home. This system is for all homeowners and businesses around the world. Our goal for smarti®Home Automation Systems is to create you safe, comfortable, functional and energy-efficient living and working environment.

smarti® Home Automation System allows you to adapt your home to your requirements and not the other way around. That means living in such home is more comfortable, easy and exciting.

Our system allows you to control:

  • Lighting
  • Shades
  • Heating and cooling
  • Communications (Video intercom)
  • Scenes and schedules
  • Multimedia (entertainment, home audio and video)
  • Surveillance via webcameras
  • etc.

Many features – One controller – One click

Controlling your home has never been so easy and fun. Modern remote controller smarti®Pad will fit in any room of your home. It could be on wall mountable or used as tabletop device this user friendly, intuitive and easy-to-use touch screen interface is easy for children as well as elderly. With real image of your home you will always know where you are and what are you managing.

This tablet device will serve you as a universal remote control for different home functions, this way your life will be more comfortable and you will spend more time for important things in your life.

Internal Environment






To create a specific atmosphere in your home you must adjust lights to ON or OFF mode or just dimming them. Also open or close curtains and set an audio background to complete the desirable atmosphere.

If you need to get cooler you can turn On fan and control inner climate.

These functions can be monitored separately or simpler select a specific scene button and change atmosphere with one click.

External Environment

With our thoughtful smarti® system you are always connected to your outdoors with smarti® Intercom.This is a smart home doorbell system that communicates withsmarti® Pad.

That means that your guest can call you or leave you a video message on smarti® Pad. And when you come home an alert will notify you of an unanswered doorbell call which you can see on smarti® Pad.

We also have other options available for controlling access to your home, that uses different innovative technologies. These are face recognition technology, card reader, fingerprint recognition and PIN code tipe-in.

For more direct insights of smarti® Home Automation System take a look of demonstration video.


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