You are away from home and some one is at your door trying to reach you. Before smarti technology, that person would end up leaving and you would not know what did he wants.


With smarti Intercom things changes! smarti Intercom is a part of smarti Home Automation System an integrated system for creating your smart home. Now with this smart doorbell all visits will be answered. Weather you are home or away a visitor will reach you.


Firstly smarti Intercom will serve you as doorbell. It is connected to a smarti Home Automation systems and a bell and a notification will pop up at your home remote controler. If you are at home you can answer doorbell and you can talk or video talk with your visitor and let him in. But if you are not at home smart doorbell will ask visitor at the door weather he would like to leave a video or a voice message for you. When you get home smarti system alerts you that someone was at the dor and you can check the message.


smarti Intercom is only one of many great products that are part of smarti Home automation system. Check other smarti products:
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