Smart Indoor Video Phone Station

Smart Indoor Video Phone Station

smarti Vega is our new release. This indoor video phone station is a smart, trendy and innovative device that will fit nicely in your home and office. It is an all-in-one device that gathers many features into a virtual communication and multimedia tool.


It can be commbined with our other smarti Home automation products: smarti Polaris, smarti Polarasmarti Pad and smarti Intercom.



With large 8 inch high definition LCD screen, it has wide visual angle and bright colorful features. Beautiful and intuitive interface design make users to experience high-quality and ease of navigation through software.


Main purpose is calling and video call with the handset or the build in microphone for hands free calls. Large memory capacity allows you to record your calls. But smarti Vega can be also used as an indoor intercom unit.


Other great features that will impress you:


-smarti Vega can be used as video surveillance unit and on it you can connect up to 6 IP cameras.
- Save your favorite numbers and create your own contact list.
- All answered and unanswered calls are saved and you can always check your call history.
- For more convenience there is also a detachable screen so you can walk and talk through 
your place at same time.
- Indoor intercom unit.
- Internal memory allows you to record your calls.
- Build-in advertisement solution.
- Calling or video call functions with the handset or the build-in microfon or hands free calls.

- Up to four functions can determine our customers and are custom made and 
developed (energy management, browser...)



For more information check smarti Vega brochure.

smarti-vega-out sip-cutout 

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