Smart Home Trends in 2014

The smart home automation market is a hot topic these days. We are at the beggining of smart home technology which is expected to explode by 2020.

But for year 2014 here are some home automation trends that smarti system has already adapted them.


1. Internet of things!


First home automation trend is internet of things. This is just a term that actually describes all the devices in the home that are connected via the internet. The benefit of this connection in the home is that they allow you to control and connect with your home systems from anywhere and any device. Connect with your smarti home with smarti HA application.


2. Energy management and environmental impact!


With advance technology it is now easier than ever to monitor and control energy usage. A home’s heating and cooling can be connected on automated home system and controlled from your home or any other place. This brings living in your home on higher level of confort.


 3. Smart locks!


Just like a while ago when the next big thing was smart thermostat and now it is just a common and well adapted in smart homes, is the new next big thing smart lock. Smart lock is a way to add convenience and security to your home. With smarti you can easily control your lock from central remote controller.



 4. Appliances


What could be better than automated kitchen appliances. The heart of your home can be used with ease and you will spend precious time doing things you like and not waste it looking over your cooking or washing. That is going hand-in-hand with today’s fast and sometimes stressful lifestyle. It is as simple as it is heard, when a task is done a notification will let you know of that and you can continue your job in kitchen.



 5. Safety and security of a property

There is no point of efficiency and comfort made with home automation if there is no proper security and safety. Security systems is flexible and it will match all your needs. Even those working parents always worrying about children will find some peace when the system will alert them when children arrive home.

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