Intercom Series

Controlling external environment has never been so easy to manage before. Smarti offers you many integrated systems for home solution that you can choose from to control your place.


For managing your external environment we offer you a line of intercom series and a wide range of security cameras.



Intercom series has got four different types of intercoms they are called smarti Icom1smarti Icom2smarti Icom3 and smarti Icom4.
All are smart home dorbells that can be connected to smarti home remote controller for even more confortable security.
That means that when you are not at home your guests can call you or leave you a video messsage and you can check it later. Because it can be connected with remote controller you will also get a notification of a new activity.
Outdoor smarti intercoms have special casings for outside use. They are sturdy, firm and waterproof which is great for outdoor usage and different weather environments.


 smarti security cameras can be used for control of your internal and external environment. Wide range of different types od cameras will meet all kinds of requirements. Cameras can be accessed through smarti remote controllers where you can check cameras from your comfortable seat.


For more information check: smarti® Icom1, smarti® Icom2smarti® Icom3smarti® Icom4 ,smarti® CCTV

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