Cloud Based Solution

Cloud Based Solution


Web based solutions, cloud computing and software as a service are all new but known terms that are used in this era and so do we use and efficiently implement them in our smarti solutions.

Two of our solutions are going this direction, they are smarti Time and Attendance and Access Control.



A cloud based solution is for identify and access management. This way you will always know who is accessing your property assets, whether they are validated, authenticated, what rights they have, and how they move once inside your premises.

Using web based, the cloud or software as a service gives great bonuses for both the provider of services and the users and it is the easiest way to cover your needs.


Cost control:

whether you are a small or large business owner the costs depend on size and scale of the system that you want. You will also save money on it, because all manual workforce can be removed. All check in and check out are stamped so no time theft will occur. And expensive infrastructure maintenance for security protocols are eliminated.


Workforce productivity:

because identification is for each employee unique and therefore all “buddy punching” are eliminated.


Application access anytime and anywhere:

you can access it from any location and device, all you need is internet connectivity. This is easy and convenient for all companies that include lots of business traveling.


Reduce administrative task:

the simplicity and the ease of the system will save you time and money on not hiring any special work force for managing time and attendance.


Newest software:

you never have to install any updates and all new upgrades can be seamlessly updated to the latest available version as soon as they are out.



if you are not sure whether the smarti system is for you or not, you can start small and then you can upgrade your system to bigger.




– Creating your own access control policies.

– Managing employee access.

– Automate attendance tracking.

– Quick view over different types of schedules (presence, absence).

– All events are tracked, with the photo recorded and field and easily retrieved for verification at any time.

– Different types of pre-defined and configurable reports can be generated, that are easy to understand, share and use, depending on your needs. Reports for presence of employees and event details, which can be exported to computer readable formats for payroll use.

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