Video Door Phone Doorbells

Our new release for the good start of the year are two new products that are great video door phone doorbells. This two new ones are smarti Icom 5 an Icom 5M. They are practically the same, support the same functions and have same connectivity options. The main difference is the Icom 5M has a full metal housing and is completely waterproof which makes it more appropriate for the outdoors of the house.



But other than that both video doorbells have nice hardware design which will make them fit nicely in every home. Both can be used individually or can be connected to the smarti Home automation, in this case they are connected with smarti Vega which gives you the opportunity of checking your front door from the comfort of your sofa. It serves you as a door camera and video intercom.

Some technical details of what makes this video intercom so special and an indispensable part of your home.

  • Metal housing is waterproof
  • LAN port or WiFi
  • It can be combined with smarti Vega
  • With speaker, MIC
  • One video door phone can support multiple smarti Vega phones
  • Talk between smarti Vega phone to door camera
  • Monitor door camera
  • Motion detector and alarm function
  • Support photo and video record



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