Home Automation System Trends 2015

Home Automation System Trends 2015


  • Bluetooth control

Some new products that are coming on the market will let you use a bluetooth to control light bulbs, outlets and more. This connection is a faster way, than WiFi because WiFi connects from device to cloud and then to phone or controller and bluetooth connects directly from controller to device..


  • Talk to your home

We have our smartphones near us all the time. This devices have evolved so much that have become more than just a phone, it is our personal note book, entertainment device, business tool, etc. Home automation technology has already taken and use smatphones as home controllers, but this is just first step. The next step in this field would be taking the advantage of phone and control your home with voice. Smartphones are already equipped with natural language processing and why not use this great feature in your favor.


  • Connected homes

Everything in your home can be connected and controlled, from thermostats, to appliances, TV, security, doorbell,etc. Online control and connection is not a new idea in this field, but it is a common way for all companies and technologies.



  • Connected and secured

The internet of things is a huge thing right now but because the connection is online it has potential in hacking and invading in personal data. That is why security and privacy is a big deal to expect in this year.


  • Camera with facial recognition

Cameras that do more than just filming, but are an important integrated part of home automation used inside your home to recognize and alert you of those who enter your home. With biometric technology it can easily recognize familiar faces and give you special warning when an unfamiliar face steps into your home.


  • Energy efficient

More and more people are aware of preserving and taking care for nature. That is why they want to control their homes while increasing energy efficiency. One example is for wise water usage with low flow toilets and shower heads. And with a step further a systems is programmed to give you feedback alerts that will warn you and help you to reduce consumption. This is also implemented on smart heating and cooling. A technology saving solutions like that will cut bills in half.



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