smarti Phone in your Home

smarti Phone in your Home

The complete house under your control is the future to which we aspire.  And all smarti products are designed with this objective that we can provide you with comfort, security and control.


smarti Vega SIP phone is a product that belongs to the home automation solution. It may be stand alone or as part of a home automation system.


Smarti Vega is the phone of a new era. It combines classic design with modern technology. This is how the phone that allows you to classic way of making calls with a telephone handset. And all the data and information you will be able to reviewed over a modern display, which is also a tablet device.


In addition to telephone, smarti Vega offers even more functions that you can benefit for the better organization, the comfort and the safety of your home.


Therefore smarti Vega is innovative and modern multifunctional device that combines telephone, intercom, control of energy spending, CCTV, etc.


Benefits of the smarti Vega in the apartment!

1. Calls and video calls!

The first and main functions of smarti Vega are calls and video calls. It is designed so that you can talk through a handset or via the loudspeaker. In addition, it is also possible to make a video call.

2. The outer and inner interior under control!

Smari Vega can be used not only as a phone but as a monitoring device. On it you can connect up to six security cameras. So you can easily check your immediate surroundings in and out of the house.

3. Stationed or moved around the apartment!

Smarti Vega is a landline phone but it is structured so that screen tablet of the phone can be unpluged and you can freely walk around the home. In such a situation, you can view and control the automation features or make calls.

4. Checking the intercom from the comfort of your sofa!

As mentioned, smarti Vega is multifunctional device. In addition to many functions it will also serve you as an intercom.

When you get unexpected visits you will not have to get up and walk to the doors to check who is it. Now you will be able to check, comfortably from the sofa, who is at the door and talked with arrival.

5. Recording conversations!

Important calls and conversations can be recorded and save. Thus, all relevant informations are always stored and available to access them.

6. Create a  contacts book!

All important contacts can be savee on your phone and you’ll always have them available. Organize contacts so that it can be easily viewed. Or arrange them into group.

7. Personal control functions!

Smarti team always has in mind that our clients have different preferences. With additional features such as control of water consumption or electricity,  Vega becomes a familiy tool that will improve your lifestyle.



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