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Controlling your home’s functions is now at the tip of your fingers.

Smarti® home automation graphic interface is foremost thinking on its end user, bringing him easy-to-use interface.
The graphic interface comes with portable tablet device so when you are comfortable reading on the couch, preparing dinner or lying in bed you are always able to control your entire place.
The graphic interface is user friendly and very intuitive. A real image of your home will make it fun to use, because you will always know what are you managing. And whenever you will manage home functions the state of changed functions will be shown. So if you dim the lights on 70% the interface will show dimmed light.
This is great software feature because also children and elderly people will have no problem using it.


Software Functions

  • Swipe left and right through your rooms
  • A predefined scene button allows you to quickly set a specific mood with one click
  • Invisible design
  • Alarm functions for whole place
  • A quick OFF button to turn OFF all functions that are ON
  • You can make calls from room to room, domestic or international
  • Check connected cameras and look you space

User Interface for Mobile Devices

We have also taken care that all amazing features are also available for smart phones.  Available software for mobile phones will give you more advantage and you could carry your home remote controller right in your pocket.


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