Home Automation Example

When comfort and security join together.

Two smarti® units are installed in the house. The first unit is located at the main entrance. Its function is to control who can enter the house and to provide video communication with the visitors. The second unit is located in the living room and it functions as the main controller for the connected devices.

The system can also be controlled from the family’s desk top computer and from a family member’s laptop computer. smarti® controls lighting, heating, air conditioning, blinds and the alarm system automatically with the help of different sensors. Manual control of all this systems is also possible from the second unit, both computers and corresponding switches. The garage doors are controlled by the smarti®, they can be opened with a remote controller.

Access to the heating system is also controlled by the smarti®, it is protected by a fingerprint reader this way children can not access a room where they could get injured or cause a lot of damage.


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