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Smart home is a home, like any other, but with the added value of today’s technology, because of which becomes management and control of home simple and fun.
With smarti® home automation systems, you will be able to easily connect and control  as many functions as you want. And controlling will become fun and exciting experience for you and your family.

All you need is one touch screen remote controller

Forget about the wall switches and unnecessary walking up and down the home to turn a function on or off.
smarti’® smart home system enables you to control a complete place from one remote controller that can be mountable on a wall or freely portable through the place.

Intuitive design

The touch screen remote controller is designed to be simple and intuitively used. When looking for a room or function to control you just swipe left or right on the user interface to find a desired room. You will quickly know where you are because our smart home system uses your home’s images for design.


This feature makes the remote controller easy to use and very intuitive. Then only touch the device on a remote controller, you wish to manage and set it.
These tablet device will serve you as a universal remote control for different home functions, this way your life will be more comfortable and you will spend more time for the important things in your life.



Light management

Lighting control has never before been so easy. Managing all lights at home is now possible from one touch screen remote controller or an application for smart phones.

You can turn lights on or off and you don’t even have to stand up to the light switch. Simple as a touch all you need is a smarti® remote controller and you can control the lights right from the comfort of your couch.
Or be energy efficient with saving some money and dim your light on 80-90% of lightness. A small, almost invisible change that will effectively lower your costs.

Curtain control

As simple as it is with light control, same goes with curtain control. Manage your curtains or shades as you wish.

Open/close them or set them on the specific half open position just with swiping left or right. 





Temperature management

Your inner climate in the home can be controlled in several different ways.
The temperature can be adjusted with the fan or the air conditioning.

Video intercom

Having a smart doorbell with video option is a smart idea.

With smarti® video intercom in your smart home, you will have comfort. You will not need to walk to the door. And the second fine feature is you will see from your comfortable place who is at the door via a camera that is already in the intercom.  



Scenarios for quick selection

At smarti® we think we must provide you with even more comfort.

That is why we included in smart home system scenarios selections.
Scenarios are single touch settings that set multiple functions at once and create you a perfect scene.

A scenario has got predefined settings for lights, curtains, temperature, music, or whatever you choose. You select and adjust the functions themselves, so that best suits your needs.

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