Home Automation System: India

About the Project

  • Name: New Delhi
  • Location: New Delhi, India
  • Build: 2012
  • Size: 240 apartments / 800m2 per flat
  • Solution: Home Automation System
  • Level of functions used in this project: 


    (This project covers the complete home automation solution that is offered by smarti.)



Supply and installation of smarti Home automation system in a luxury apartments in India, New Delhi. Each apartment features a smarti Home automation system that incorporates the following elements:

  • Light control
  • Dimmable light control
  • Motorised curtains
  • Temperature control
  • Anti-intrusion alarm
  • Touch panel controller
  • Smart phone integration
  • High quality audio multi room system
  • Scenario options for different occasions

Control everything from the place you are standing

Smarti Home Automation system is tailored specifically for the needs of our customers and they want comfort and convenience. That is why with smarti Home automation systems it is possible to control your home from where ever in your home you are, from the many user interfaces that are all movable through the home or through the smartphone application for iOS and Android. From each control device you can manage your preferable room.

User interface

Real image of controlled place is our specialty that is available to all our customers. Intuitive user interface with real image background of your place as control screen. This way simple controlling and managing of place is for all customers.

And when you change the settings in the room all changes are seen also on screen so you will always know in what conditions the home automation solution functions are.


All lights can be controlled from every remote touch screen in your home. This solution is energy efficient and comfortable. Comfortable is because you don’t need to walk up and down the home every time you want to change light settings. And energy efficient because you can dim light to 70 or 80 percent of strength, instead of 100 percent, which will reflect in the energy consumption. 




smarti curtain motor can adjust not only shades but also long curtains. We have adjust the motor for curtains and the owner can now peacefully sit at one place and move curtains on desired place via touch screen remote control.

This way you can easily set the perfect shading. 


A special demand for this case was to control ceiling fan from their touch screen user interface or smart phone application.  


See who is at your door

Intercom communicates with smarti Vega phone or a user interface


We have installed in a smart doorbell. This is a next level doorbell intercom with integrated camera that enables you to see who is at your doorstep. It has also some other fine features that will knock you on your behind.

Whenever you are not at home and you got visitors they can leave you video or voice message, that the clients can see when they come home.

Intercom communicates with indoor touch screen user interfaces so

Entertainment center for complete home

An integrated part of smarti Home automation systems is audio system for a condo is a simple solution. This way music control is possible from one place, for all room at once setting same audio preferences. Or for each room individually set different preferences.

16 speakers in 8 zones enables everyone in the home to enjoy the music of its own taste. For each of the 8 zones the choice of music and the volume can be set completely independently or the same for all.

We built speakers into the ceiling which makes them almost invisible from below and will nicely blend into the home environment.


All Off button


This is a quick selection button that comes handy in use when you go to bed or when you leave your home and you want to quickly turn off all lit controlled functions. 

Mobile as remote

Great thing about out system is also that our clients can simply control their place even if they are not around the touch screen controller through the application for Android and iOS devices. 


Perfect scene for every occasion

Just like quick All Off button, that turns off all the lit buttons, the scene button also change functions in your home with one click. These changes on selected functions are as a client defined them, are then saved into home automation systems and until he change his mind stay this way.

The Scenes are great because you create a specific atmosphere with only one click. This is a perfect way to quickly set different moods such as romantic, cinema, dinner…


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