RFID TCP/IP Reader Antivandal





Support card: Low and high frequency
Read/write: Read secure sector, read serial number, read ID number
Power supply: 9V DC (9-24V), <150 mA
Work mode: Stand-alone and network
Cardholder/events: (512; 10,000), (2000; 100,000) and (5000; 100,000) is selectable, including one mastercard
Operation mode: Card, card or PIN, card + PIN (automatic to switch, password length can be set 2-6 digits)
Memory: 2M Byte E2PROM
Alarm: Door non-closed detection; housing sabotage alarm; door broken alarm; duress alarm in case of emergency
Keypad: 3*4 keypads with backlight
Input device: Exit button and door state sensor
Output device: 2 relay outputs
Indicator: 2 inputs (exit button, door state sensor)
Indoor/outdoor: Both, potted version (IP65) available on request
Temperature range: -20°- 60°C (-4°- 140°F)
Casing: Aluminium




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