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Home automation
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Reliable, safe and secure systems are the prime reason why you should choose an automatization system besides all automation functions management.
With the smarti® smart home system you, your family and your property will always be safe.
Every time you leave the house you arm your home with a single touch on the controller, turn off all devices in the home and activate the alarm system.
Cameras are active all the time and you can always check what is going on in and around the house.
There are many ways how we can combine you safety integrated systems into a complete security for your home. Combining CCTV, alarm, motion sensors will create a complete control system for your home or working place.
ikon_cctvPlacing security cameras inside and outside of your premises will give you complete visual control over your place. Then check on a tablet to see the view through cameras.
ikon_alarmTurn on the alarm when you leave home and be at ease knowing your home is safe. But if something did happen, you get notified on your smart phone.
ikon_sensorFor an extra safety place motion sensors and be sure no one will dare to go uninvited inside your home.


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