Access Control

Biometric Facial, Voice and Fingerprint Recognition

In determining our access control needs, we all are looking for basically the same things. We want cutting edge technology that assures us our facilities are safe, and we do not want to go through the process of changing systems again anytime soon. We want a system that will adapt with our changing needs a system that will be prepared to handle even those eventualities that we have not yet thought about. In effect, we do not want to regret our buying decision.



All Access Control System


are trying to only allow access to those people who are approved, at the times they are approved. smarti®Access Control measures who you are, not what you carry.
This biometric access control system uses biometric techology  in order to do this. It identifies the person based upon their own unique facial features, voice recognition and fingerprint recognition, and not a key, card or code that can be lost, stolen or misused.

deviderFlexibility Integration

  • You can tailor the access control system to your specific security needs now and change as your needs change. For high access control security you can use face recognition and combine it with voice recognition, PIN codes you can also combine it with any external ID device (RFID, fingerprint …).
  • Protocol independence allows you to connect practically any electronic device to the system (i.e. sensors, identification readers, alarms and other electronic devices). This also means that it can easily and inexpensively be integrated into your existing access control system.
  • The system can be stand alone or networked with other devices and computer networks.





smarti’s® got you covered We can’t always be there to oversee who is gaining access into our premises, and secure areas. smarti® Access Control can be there for you constantly on watch. It uses cutting edge biometric technology. Additionally its other built-in capabilities help make your job easier. A tried and tested award winning solution you can count on both now and in to the future.

  • Built-in infrared CCTV camera, gives a time and date stamped visual record of all events thus discouraging abuse.
  • A photo of each unauthorized attempt can be immediately sent to security service, IT manager or other selected person.



Video intercom and IP phone

  • A build-in intercom allows for easy guest recognition.
  • Answer your door bell even if you are away on you mobile or on your stationary phone
  • Recieve text messages or email with photo about unexpected events in your office
  • Support SIP protocol.

Video Surveillance

  • The ability to remotely monitorkey access points any time of day or night provides you peace of mind knowing you are protected.
  • If a forced entry is attempted, you will have visual record of the event and perpetrations.

Video messaging

  • The unlimite read receipt confirmation.
  • Users can leave a video message and can be sure that the addressee will recieve it.
  • smarti® is an answering machine for your door. If you are away and unavailable your visitors can leave a video message for you.



A unique thing about smarti® is that it has so many features and built-in capabilities. Many of the features would cost as much by themselves as smarti® does for all. A key benefit of the above is that it allows you to choose those functions you need, but also gives you the peace of mind to know that you can adapt smarti® as your needs change.

  See an example of access control system controlled by smarti® Example

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