Time and Attendance



Automated attendance systems typically measure the presence of a key card or pin code, not a person. This can easily be abused. smarti® eliminates “Buddy Punching”. Whether you use biometrics, PIN code or a proximity card reader, the visual record from the built-in infrared CCTV camera keeps workers from abusing the system by clocking each other in or out




    • Includes customizable, rolling presence schedules, overtime management, absence schedules… Everything you need to track your employees’ exact time usage.
    • Customizable reports give you precisely the information you need in the format you need, and make the payroll job easier.
    • Tardiness, break times & early exit are duly noted.
    • Because smarti® is around, employees are less likely to try and abuse the system, relieving worry and letting you work on other pressing matters.
    • smarti® can be customized to meet any local rules and laws governing attendance systems.
    • Can be integrated into existing system to help eliminate buddy punching without the need to change your current solution.
    • In many cases it is possible to set up data to be exported into other payroll software, making end of the month payroll calculations fast and easy.
    • In addition, holiday and independent vacation schedules can be programmed in eliminating costly manual monitoring.
    • All these capabilities are there when you need them, and the system can be tightened or loosened based upon your needs.





Modules for access control and building automation are also already included saving you money as you do not need to buy additional systems for these features.

Integrated Access Control System
    • Multimodal biometrics based upon facial and voice recognition prevents unauthorized use of cards, PIN codes, keys etc.
    • Built-in infrared CCTV camera, gives a time and date stamped visual record of all events thus discouraging abuse.
    • High flexibility allows you to tailor your security level to meet your requirements now and change as your needs change. You can use any combination of PIN codes, biometrics, and external readers to reach these required levels.
    • Protocol independence allows you to connect practically any electronic device to the system (i.e. sensors, identification readers, alarms and other electronic devices).
    • Easily integrates into existing systems.
    • System can be stand alone or networked with other devices and computer networks.


Video intercom and IP phone


  • A build-in intercom allows for easy guest recognition.
  • Answer your door bell even if you are aray on you mobile or on your stationary phone
  • Recieve text messages or email with photo about unexpected events in your office
  • Support SIP protocol.


Video Surveillance


  • The ability to remotely monitorkey access points any time of day or night provides you peace of mind knowing you are protected.
  • If a forced entry is attempted, you will have visual record of the event and perpetrations.


Video messaging


  • The unlimite read receipt confirmation.
  • Users can leave a video message and can be sure that the addressee will recieve it.
  • smarti is an answering machine for your door. If you are away and unavailable your visitors can leave a video message for you.






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