1. What is a smarti® unit?

A smarti® unit is a complete multi-modal biometric solution for access control, time & attendance and building management. It identifies a person by identifying human features (face and voice) thus lowering the possibility of abuse.

2. What does the term “Multi-modal” biometric recognition represent?

The term “multi modal” biometric recognition represents an advanced capability of using more than one characteristic to identify an individual (such as face and voice or face and mimic features).

3. Can I use the smarti® unit as a standalone system?

The smarti® unit can be used out of the box as a standalone system. But more importantly it can be networked with other smarti® units, computers, various identification devices and other electronic devices into a complete system for access control, presence tracking and building management.

4. How does the smarti® work?

The smarti® unit identifies a person based on the persons characteristics or features (face, voice). Depending on the access schedule and the results of the identification process, the smarti® can start predefined actions (send an e-mail or SMS, open the door, trigger the alarm, turn on/off the lights, start an application, etc.) or display buttons which can start different actions (open the door, turn on/off the air conditioning, turn on/off the lights etc.)

5. Is the smarti® unit based only on biometric recognition?

No, in addition to the biometric recognition smarti® also allows the use of PIN codes which can be entered directly through the unit’s touch screen. But what is more important is the fact that additional identification devices (like RFID scanners, fingerprint scanners, iris scanners etc.) from various manufacturers can be connected to the smarti® unit. This way you can raise the security and reliability level on a single entry point or create a complete access control system with multiple entry points using various identification devices all controlled by a single or multiple smarti® units.

6. Can I integrate the smarti® into an existing access control system?

smarti® was designed with flexibility in mind. It is completely protocol independent and can be integrated into practically any existing access control system in any company or institution. smarti® can be used for many applications within corporate offices, high security businesses, banks, airports, hospitals, nurseries, schools, labs, process automation, military, police, government, and even for domestic home automation.

7. What can the smarti® unit do besides access control and time & attendance?

The smarti® unit can control practically any electronic device you connect to it (sensors, identification devices, air conditioning, electronic locks, blinds, lights …).The unit can also be used as a video intercom and video IP phone. With the unit you can send video massages to registered persons, you can use the unit for basic video surveillance of the area in front of it.

8. Do I get all the described features in the main software package or do I have to buy additional software modules for different application purposes?

With the smarti® unit you get all the described features and functionalities. You do not need to buy any additional smarti® software modules.

9. Can I print out all the tracked events and reports?

Knowing the importance of reporting, smarti® allows you to generate custom reports easily using a variety of criteria like dates, times or users. All events are tracked, with time stamped photos recorded and filed and easily retrieved for verification and are also easily printable and exportable.

10. Is the biometric data safely stored?

The biometric data is encrypted, it cannot be used outside the smarti® system and it cannot be abused for other purposes. It is safely stored inside the database.

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