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With our thoughtful smarti® home automation system you are always connected to your outdoors with smarti intercoms. This is a smart home doorbell system that communicates with touch screen controller.
Whenever you will get visitors and you will not be at home, the visitor will be able to leave you video or voice message. And when you will arrive back, you will get on your SIP phone tablet screen a notification of an event.
This intercom unit is a separated device with its own hardware and software.


A beautiful and modern hardware is nothing like you have ever seen before. Two part device has a nice large 8 inch touch screen tablet and a handset. So when you speak with arrival you can use a handset or a speaker.


A tablet and a handset station form the new age phone device for classical or hands-free communications.



Video intercom unit

– Main feature is video intercom. Via smarti Vega you will be able to check and see your front door, talk with arrivals and open doors.
– It can be connected with our outdoor intercom units (smarti Icom 1, Icom 2 , Icom 3, Icom 4).

Surveillance via cameras

– Connect up to 6 IP cameras for video surveillance.
– With one click you can easily check all your cameras on smarti.

Phone calls

– Vega also supports phone calling or video call function. You can talk through handset mic or talk with via the build-in microphon or make it hands free calls.
– All your calls in, out and unanswered are saved and you can always check your phone history.
– Landline phone.

Basic home automation

– Automation options are modular. One module has got 4 analog outputs 220V 16A and 4 digital 220V 16A inputs.
– Can control lights, fan, alarm, etc.
– Select and apply desired scene functions with one touch.

Hour and weather

– The weather is shown for a location of your choice.


Leave messages and create notifications

– Some new features like writing messages and creating notifications will add some extra twist on our new Vega.
– On the main screen you will be able to quickly write a message to your family members.
– The message is open and seen so long until you erase it.

video intercom unit


– Save your favourite numbers and create your own contact list.

Extra application

– Some extra features and applications will expand Vegas usability.
– Here are applications for energy and water management and internet browser.
– And applications that can be added according to your desires.
– Build-in advertisement solution.


– Set and secure your entire place.

Simple intercom solutions

smarti offers two video intercom solutions. First is part of home automation systems. And the second option is a cost effective apartment and villa solution. The second option is for all home owners who only need video intercom.

1. Integrated video intercom system / part of home automation


– Part of smarti Home automation system
– Can be standalone
– SIP protocol
– Video and voice intercom
– Unlock the doors

2. Standalone video intercom system


– Cost effective video intercom solution for apartments and villas
– Simple installation using only CAT5 wiring
– It is standalone
– Video and voice intercom
– Unlock the doors

We also have other options available for controlling access to your home, that uses different innovative technologies. These are face recognition technology, card reader, fingerprint recognition and PIN code type-in.


Video demonstration

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