Wireless Home Automation


Home automation
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One of the options available from smarti® is wireless home automation. This wireless possibility is great for retrofit homes, office or apartment. For no extra cost, no damaging your walls, no extra wire installation, you can simply install the  wireless modules into your place.
The installation of a wireless home automation system is very quick and easy and even you can do it yourself. All you have to do is remove the toggle switch and connect it to the smarti® module and put the module behind the toggle switch on the wall and screw the switch back on the wall. As easy as you can imagine. Thus, no wall damaging has  happened in the process.
The second great thing about the system is if you move to another place you can take the smarti® home automation system with you and install it in your new place.

Miniature hardware

Modules in smarti® wireless home automation system have a miniature hardware design.



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