Identification of the person is based upon their unique facial, voice and fingerprint attributes, and not a key, card or code that can be lost or stolen.

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The visual record from the built-in infrared CCTV camera keeps workers from abusing the system by clocking each other in or out.

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smarti® allows you to connect and control many of the functions and systems in your home from one, easy to use interface.

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9.4.2014 Smart doorbell
intercomYou are away from home and some one is at your door trying to reach you. Before smarti technology, that person would end up leaving and you would not know what did he wants.

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10.02.2014  A New Star in Our Line!


We have an exciting news for you all. We have launched two new hardware products for our solutions.

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15.1.2014  India Exhibition 2014

IMG_34561tmblThis month an exhibition ELECRAMA 2014 was happening at Bangalore International Exhibition Center, Bangalore, India.

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Tab Systems Inc. specializes in the development and production of multi-modal biometric systems for identification, access control, time & attendance and home automation. We develop and manufacture smarti® – a complete access control and time & attendance solution based on multimodal biometrics using face and voice recognition.


SmartiMultiple functions, high reliability, adaptability and unlimited connectivity mean it can be used in business/corporate environments, high security environments, building automation…

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